Q: Do I need any training equipment?
A: No.  You don't any equipment.  You get a free water bottle at your assessment and we'll give you a new exercise mat if you don't have one already. Comfortable clothing, shoes, and water or a sport drink are all you really need to ever get a good workout. We have training equipment that we can bring to your training site if you want. . 

Q: Can I train with a friend?
A: Yes.  The price per individual is reduced.  It is generally not advisable to train when goals and fitness levels vary.  Before anyone trains they must go through a complete assessment.

Q: Can a friend come to observe one of my training sessions? 
A: Yes.  Unless an observer is disruptive to a session we encourage you to bring friends to see sessions.

Q: What is the relationship between Kinematics PT and Bodymass Gym?
A: Kinematics PT rents training space from Bodymass gym (near Courthouse Metro).  We can use all of their facilities (equipment, locker rooms, showers, towels) but membership at Bodymass training is entirely separate from training with Kinematics PT.  There is street parking and garage parking available.

Q: Can I get a refund if I break my contract?
A: Our training contract covers situations where you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.  We keep the contract in large font so it is easy to read.

Q: Can I fill out the paperwork before the assessment?
A: Yes.  We can send you some of the forms to fill out prior to the assessment.  Your trainer must review all items with you to ensure mutual understanding of company policies.

Q: What if I don't want my fitness information stored online?
A: No problem.  We will maintain paper records for you and minimize information shared in email.

Q: I have a gym membership, can you train me at my gym?
A: Yes, if the gym allows outside trainers.  There may be additional charges depending on the gym rules.

Q: Does Kinematics accept payment from insurance companies.
A: Not at this time.

Q: What should I do before an assessment?
A: We want to keep your first assessment as stress-free as possible.  Alcohol, nicotine and/or caffeine can affect the results of an assessment.  It is recommended to not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to an assessment, caffeine 12 hours prior and nicotine 4 hours prior to an assessment.  Eating a high carbohydrate meal 2-4 hours prior to the assessment and being very well hydrated will help improve the accuracy of the assessment. Not doing anything strenuous the day before and getting a good night's sleep are also recommended for more accurate results.  Dress in comfortable exercise clothing that is weather-appropriate (hat sunglasses and sun block if training outside), bring water or a sport drink, have something high in carbohydrates for after the assessment.  Don't worry about performance on the assessment. We want to see your current natural motions and identify imbalances to correctly target the appropriate muscles to be trained.