1.      Kinematics Personal Training, LLC (“KPT”) adheres to the privacy and confidentiality standards within the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Code of Professional Conduct.

2.      Our company policy is to not share any information with anyone without expressed written consent by the client.  Exceptions to this company policy include but are not limited to medical emergencies and legal requirements.  We are not bound by the same confidentiality laws that apply to medical professionals.

3.      If a client wishes to have on-line access to monitor progress they are responsible for the privacy and security of the link provided.  Anyone with access to the link can access the information available.  There is no sign-in required and clients do not have private on-line personal accounts with KPT.  The information is stored on a server separate from the public website.  If the client wishes to have the link disabled they must inform KPT as soon as possible.

4.     KPT does not ask for clients' home address (unless as a training site) and only uses contact information to communicate with the client.  The company does not share contact information with other individuals, companies, or other entities without permission from the client.