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We bring the training to you and meet you where you feel comfortable training.  We have training equipment that we can bring, or you can meet us at a small studio gym near the Courthouse Metro stop (parking available).  We provide you access on-line to view your progress and check account information.  We provide a premium service to you.  We rely on your returning business and your recommendations to others.  Below we outline the specifics of what you receive while training with us.
  • Individual posture and fitness assessments
  • Goal-oriented individually-designed personal fitness training sessions
  • Small group training
  • On-line account
  • Progress analysis
  • Home gym design and set up  
Our first meeting is free of any cost, some professional service companies will include a charge for an initial meeting once clients begin paying for future services, WE DON'T DO THAT.  Additional first assessment information.

We do initial assessments to ensure we design your training program to fit your specific goals and fitness level.  Depending on your current fitness level this may or may not feel like an exercise session.

For half the price of a single session we can meet for assessments to record your progress.  This is an optional service available to all clients.  We generally don't do assessments fewer than 28 days apart.  Two month training plans include one assessment and three month training plans include two assessments.

Training Sessions:
We will meet you at a convenient location where you feel most comfortable training.  Your living room is a perfectly acceptable place to train.  If you don't think you can get a great workout without leaving the house you may be surprised by what simple-sounding adjustments we can make to exercises to make them more challenging and fun.

Each session is planned based on your last session.

If you have a gym at home in an apartment building or condo or at work we will meet you there as long as the gym allows outside trainers.  We teach you the best ways to use any equipment you have available but we also have equipment of our own that we will bring to you.  There are also many parks and tracks in the area and we are happy to train you there as well.

Training sessions usually last between 45 minutes and an hour. The first session (the free session) will be an assessment so that we can build future sessions based upon your goals, your exercise experience and your current fitness level.

Future sessions are designed around your goals and develop around your progress and your changing goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, increase cardiovascular efficiency or want to exercise as a hobby, each fitness session is developed for you.
You will probably be encouraged to exercise on your own between sessions. Some elements of your plan may be safe and recommended to be done multiple times each day.  We place a heavy emphasis on form and the harder you work to maintain proper form the faster you will see progression.  We will work with you to achieve your goals but not at the expense of safety and we avoid over-training.
Your training plan is built to make your life better not to leave you sore and tired for days after each workout.  Some muscle soreness is common, especially when trying something new, but pain is never the goal of an exercise session.

On-Line Account Access:
We record the outcomes of assessments, maintain records of training sessions and account for payments on-line.  You will have access to this file (if you want) via a secure link we will email to you.  You will be able to use it any time to check your account status, see what exercises we did in past sessions, and see graphs of your progress since beginning training. 

Highly Detailed Data Analysis:
After your first assessment we can create an on-line account with an access link for you.  If you decide to train regularly we will maintain account information and data of your progress - the data we maintain and graph is up to you.  The most common graphs are for heart rate, body dimensions and body-weight exercises.

Home gym design and set up:
Modern fitness equipment is becoming more and more usable in anyone's home.  A variety of tubing and bands can be more than enough equipment for around the home.  If you are interested in buying fitness equipment for your home we will help you decide what equipment to buy.  We'll help you plan your purchases around your training plans, floor space and budget.  We don't have any endorsement deals with any other companies and we don't sell equipment.  We just help you evaluate what is available.