Don't think of fixing your posture to prevent back pain in old age, know that right now you can burn more calories and conserve energy by adjusting your breathing.  Everyone's sick of hearing about how important posture is and what poor posture will do to you in the future.  But what does it do RIGHT NOW?  For one you can burn more calories.  And you can conserve energy.  There's a lot of science behind it.  It has a lot to do with body structure and how are bodies can work more efficiently if we let them.  At Kinematics we will help you find ways to use your muscles to burn more calories, conserve energy and reduce unnecessary stress on joints.
You don't have to exhaust yourself in the gym like you see on TV, you don't need "just x minutes per day," you need to pay attention to how you breath when walking, sitting (trying to stay awake in a meeting), waiting in line for coffee... anywhere you have a tendency to zone out.

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