Sunday Stretch FAQ

Q: Do I need to buy a mat if I don't bring one?

A: The mat is really only to keep yourself off the floor.  A beach towel will do the trick.  There are a few mats available in the community room closet.

Q; What should I wear?

A: Dress comfortably as though you were going to the gym or any other fitness-type class.

You can wear comfy shoes or go barefoot- up to you.

Q: I have trouble getting up and down from the floor, can I still take part in the class?

A: Yes, absolutely.  I will teach modifications to any ground-based stretches so that they can be done standing or seated in a chair.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Your first visit is free.  After that you can pay in cash, by check, credit card, email invoice, text invoice, PayPal or Venmo.  $10 or 10 class pack for $90.

Q: How old do I have to be?

A: Any age is welcome.  If anyone is disruptive to the class, regardless of age, they will be asked to leave.  Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the waiver before the first session.

Q: I only have a yoga mat, is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

A: For the purposes of this class there is no difference, but I'm sure you can find a great debate about it somewhere on the Internet.

Q: How much are exercise mats if I buy one at the class?

A: $20 (new in plastic packaging)

Q: Should I bring a foam roller, yoga block, stretch strap, or any other stretching tool?

A: If you want to bring a stretching tool you are free to do so.  I will teach stretches in a way that you shouldn't *need* props, but they can still be helpful if used correctly.  There is great debate about how some tools are used.

Q: Do I need to sign up for any mailing lists?

A: NO!  I am your neighbor first and try to avoid becoming an annoying salesman in the building.  You will need to sign a waiver and can opt-in to reminders and/or the very few emails I send on rate occasions.

Q: If I go to stretch class, am I still eligible for a free first individual appointment?

A: Yes.

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