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Virtual training can be provided via phone calls, emails, text, chat, apps, video chat, or combinations depending on the current situation.  The price for virtual-only sessions is $90 with package rates available. 

HYBRID PLANS on-line training

Hybrid plans are subscription plans for those interested in primarily on-line or app-based training.  All plans include email/chat/phone support.  Online and app access begins after a confirmation phone call (usually within 24 hours of your request).  Automatic billing is available but not mandatory.  Failure to pay may result in account deletion, un-used in-person sessions expire 90 calendar days after last payment.


  • Training app access

  • 1 in-person session per month

  • Training app access

  • 2 in-person sessions per month (with roll-over)



  • Training app access

  • 4 in-person sessions per month (with roll-over)

Sessions roll-over month-to-month with 2 and 4 session plans.  Maximum roll-over are 3 for Hybrid 1, 4 for Hybrid 2, and 6 for Hybrid 4.  Sessions are assigned no monetary value.  Refunds for all plans are prorated based on the number of days in the month of cancellation.  Any and all unused in-person sessions are valid for 90 days after the subscription ends.

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