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Different brands have different connections for handles and bands.  Some have the clip on the band, some have the clip on a removeable handle.  Caribeaner clips are always an option if handles and bands both have rings on the end (this should not be an issue when using products from a single-brand kit, or product line, but most brands have different product lines with varying clip options).  Heavy duty climbing clips are MUCH safer than the key chain clips.  It is a matter of personal preference to have foam handles or rubberized handles.  Sometimes the rubberized handles can be easier to clean.  For ankle/wrist cuffs, Bodyastics has a very comfortable neoprene lined thick hook-and-loop strap.

Triceps extension ropes can be a quality add-on to any home gym set up.  Larger bars for squats and dead lifts do not often come standard with exercise band kits. 

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