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There are many ways to anchor home fitness equipment.  Not everyone can put a wall or ceiling mount in their home.  Other options include wraps and door anchors, some of which are listed below.  Like many other pieces of home fitness equipment, there is great diversity.  We mix and match among brands to fit whatever environment we can best prepare a workout station.


Very easy to carry and set up.  Great versatility for different angles and different exercises.

Very convenient when set-up.  Not much fun to carry around and set-up more than necessary.  Lots of options for bands configurations.  If space is available, this is the most versatile of the in-home door anchors.

Very easy to transport and set up.  It is limited by the fact that the rings are small and only work with clipable bands like Crossover Symmetry Bands, FitCord Resistance Bands, or Bodylastics Sculpting Bands.


We primarily use the single point door anchors that are available in Bodylastics band sets.  They are similar to the anchor on the left below.  These have a covering over the nylon where the band and anchor meet.  For uncovered bands, this provides additional protection against wear from friction.  The neoprene covering is also good when using flat bands without and handles (awesome for travel!).


The anchors pictured on the right below are easier to slip into a door frame and absolutely must be used on the proper side of the door in use.


Wrap anchors are most often used outside the home on trees, light poles, or fences.  However, they can also be wrapped around indoor gym equipment, railings, or very heavy furniture.

At 43" long, the Bodylastics Heavy Duty Large Anywhere Anchor can wrap around many points for a secure band placement.  It has soft neoprene to protect uncovered bands.

The smaller Anywhere Anchor is 13" long, but has the same neoprene protection for the bands and is as strong as the large version.


Mounting wall and/or ceiling anchors requires more time and planning than the other anchors on this page.  For many people, these are not an option.  For those that can mount a bracket, they are extremely versatile and often multiple brackets will be positioned for better variety.

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