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Amazon Prime Day Fitness Equipment

People are about to buy a ton of stuff on Amazon Prime Day. While they're at it, I highly suggest investing in health by way fitness. Everyone has different goals. For ease of use and relative costs I often recommend exercise bands as a first choice. They come in all shapes and sizes and the different brands have many different product lines that will confuse many people not sure exactly what they are looking to find.

There are many different ways to use bands and too many variable to list in the decision-making process of which set to purchase. I prefer to use two brands: Bodylastics and FitCord. They both offer a safety feature protecting the user from a snapped band.

Either set can be used virtually anywhere. I have and use both brands. I usually use FitCord outdoors when I'm not sure what kind of anchor points I may find, and Bodylastics when I am more familiar with the workout location. Both are sold in multiple combinations and have a wide variety of tensions available based on goals, experience and current fitness. Below are the ones I most often recommend.

Bodylastics has an internal snap-resistant cord making the bands less bulky. They have smoother stretch from their anchor point, and if the rubber is beginning to weaken, it is visible. While less expensive, I don't find them to be of lower-quality, rather made with less material.

FitCord has an external cover, protecting the user from a snap as well as the band itself from friction.. The cover adds bulk and weight to the bands, and also can get stuck on a rough anchor point (tree bak) in a way that makes finding or fixing the mid-point difficult for anchoring.

If you've read this far you might be more interested in the more intricate differences among various types of bands out there. Different people will benefit in different ways from different brands and if you have questions, please ask. Please check out some of the other equipment we use and recommend.

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