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Training in the time of corona

If your usual gym is closed here are a few ideas for home training equipment:

My first choice is usually resistance bands for home training. I've been using Bodylastics for years and have been very happy with the durability and versatility of the equipment. The internal "anti-snap" protection makes these safer than other brands, yet keeps the total mass and volume of the kit pretty small. Some of the finer points to why I prefer them: easy to grip (and clean) handles, padded anchors to protect the bands, padded ankle straps (prevent chafing), and weight rating listed on both end clips of each band. There are a variety of band sets to choose from depending on how much weight you need. They have lots of accessories available as well.

Another option for home training equipment is suspension training (TRX is probably the most popular). Below is a less expensive product that is similar to the TRX.

Suspension training uses your body weight as resistance and can be very challenging. The ability to adjust the straps and body positions grants the user countless options for resistance levels through a wide variety of exercises.

There are many options for home training available. I list more of the equipment I use here: Kinematics Personal Training home equipment

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